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The George Floyd Memorial Center would like the world to commemorate May 25th as the day the world came together for a common purpose. This day of brutality open the world’s eyes to the plight of Black Americans.

The World Watched

The world watched an act of terror for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. What followed were months of protests in more than 60 countries across the world. In the midst of a pandemic, we gathered to raise our collective voices to say enough and to support each other.

What resulted was an awakening of minds to police brutality towards and against marginalized communities. 8 minutes and 46 seconds enlightened the world to the plight of Black Americans as well as marginalized communities across the world. Our voices were heard and these voices will no longer be silenced or ignored.

We Need Your Support!

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May 25th, 2021 join us in commemorating D.O.E. Let’s wear our bracelets, ball caps and/or shirts to work, court, school or anywhere we go to show that we are all equal on this planet.

About Day of Enlightenment

May 24th for many was a day just like any other day.  However, no one knew it would be the last day we as a nation could hide our ugly truths.  For centuries Black Americans have been killed by law enforcement while unarmed or in their own home or while suffering from mental illness.

 However, many times it comes down to a split-second decision, and the squeeze of a trigger that ends a life of a Black person. Peace officers who have taken these innocent lives many times went unpunished. Stories are contorted, body cams are switched off, victims are criminalized before facts are understood, and the whole truth is never known.

However, May 25th, 2020 changed this narrative. The world watched in collective horror and shock as a Black man was slowly, painfully, and publicly murdered by a man with a badge while other men with badges did nothing to help. Despite cries from the victim and equal cries and pleas from the onlookers nothing was done. A sworn peace officer looked directly into a camera phone with indifference to the man’s plight.

For Black Americans this was not shocking.  Police brutality and white supremacy have been a reality for us for over 400 years. They have lived with us for centuries in stories passed on through generations.  In 2020, a knee replaced a rope and tall tree.  But it was all the same: a public lynching though the mechanisms differed.  We were also prepared for a lack of consequence for the police officer(s). Too many times, a dead Black person is blamed for their own death. Too many times the officer is not charged or acquitted for taking a life.

Yet, on May 25th, 2020 this was different. The murder of George Floyd was too brutal, the cries too palpable, the death too slow, the murder too public. The world was enlightened to what many Black Americans already knew. There is an inequality that runs deep in our societies. An inequality rooted in white supremacy that allowed this act to be carried out with body cameras running in broad day.

But We As a World Said NO!

On that day, the outcry and reaction was immediate. From the very first protest the makeup of the crowd was strikingly different.

But the anger, sadness, and pain was the same across all races.  From white men standing in front of black women protecting them from tear gas to Senator Mitt Romney marching and exclaiming “Black Lives Do Matter.” This protest became a movement as it moved across oceans and marches appeared in corners of the world almost devoid of Black people.  Thousands marched for days in Norway and Denmark.  Lisbon saw more than 10,000 marchers.  There were protests in Iran, Iraq and the Isle of Man.  Close to 50,000 marchers in Austria!  Protests have taken place in over 60 countries and on all seven continents. Black Lives Matter chapters have opened up in other countries.  We are enlightened and we have so much more work to do. Let’s continue growing, learning, and standing up for what is right and just. Let’s move forward together as we did on 5-25-2020.